Burien Wedding Photographer

Burien Wedding Photographer

Burien Wedding Photographer:

Burien is a city in King County, Washington, United States, just south of Seattle. The population was 31,881 in the 2000 census.

European settlement in the Burien area dates to 1870, when Mike Kelly walked up a hill from the Seattle, South Seattle area. When he emerged from the trees he said, “This is truly a sunny dale.” Still today, the Burien area is called Sunnydale. He claimed a 160-acre plot of land and built a house and a farm.

Ten years later, Gottlieb Von Boorian, a German immigrant, arrived in Sunnydale. At this point, the community was only trails and small houses. There were no roads or non-residential buildings. Von Boorian built a cabin on the southeast corner of Lake Burien and also was said to have formed the community into a town bearing his name. A real estate office was built and soon more people began pouring in to Burien.
In the early 1900s, people of Seattle came by the Mosquito Fleet to Three Tree Point, just west of town to sunbathe and swim.
In 1915, the Burien railroad was completed. It ran on what is today Ambaum Boulevard from Burien to White Center to Seattle. A small passenger train ran the tracks and was affectionately named by the residents, The Toonerville Trolley. However in the summer, squished caterpillars made the track slippery, and in the winter, the tracks iced over. Soon the Toonerville Trolley was removed.

Burien was an unincorporated portion of King County prior to February 28, 1993, when it incorporated as a city. There had been previous attempts to incorporate the greater Burien area, but those efforts failed. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, citizens felt they needed a more responsive government to help address the looming threat of the Port of Seattle’s runway expansion to the west (known as the “Third Runway”), so an effort was again made to incorporate as a city.
Citizens also felt that multi-family apartments and dwellings had proliferated out of control in Burien and other unincorporated areas of King County, and that they had no local voice in government (other than the King County Council) that would hear their concerns. The residents of the area desired a government who could help curb the rapid development of mulit-family apartment buildings, which some felt had gone un-checked under King County’s government.

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