Tacoma Wedding Photographer

I loved being a Tacoma Wedding Photographer.

Wedding venues in Tacoma WA

The current city of Tacoma was incorporated in 1884 from the Old Tacoma and the New Tacoma. It is known as the City of Destiny. This name happens to be quite a symbol for all the couples that decide to take their first steps together in that marvelous area. The various wedding venues in Tacoma WA will mark their life and play an important role in their happiness from that moment on. Being the third largest city in the state of Washington, Tacoma offers great opportunities for all the couples that want to be married there. There are places for the old and young, for more traditionally oriented ones as well as for the modern people.

There are many chapels and seminaries in Tacoma, like for instance the Northwest Baptist Seminary or the Shiloh Baptist Church. These wedding venues in Tacoma WA are usually located in beautiful buildings and have managed to keep the warmth of the family union throughout the years. These buildings are often an architectural treasure and present a pleasant opportunity for every wedding photographer to make remarkable photos. As the buildings are still used, one can be sure that on the inside they will offer a modern look and will present all the facilities a wedding needs – from the place to host the ceremony to the celebration itself. The Northwest Baptist Seminary is located on the former Weyerhaeuser estate and offers unique view of Puget Sound as well as a rose garden and vast mansion grounds. They all add to a delightful experience for every wedding celebration.

Another type of wedding venues in Tacoma WA are the various castles and private estates that are renovated and used to host a huge diversity of events. One such place is the Thornewood Castle Inn & Gardens. It presents a real historic castle with enormous gardens around it. The place looks ideal for romantic celebrations and ceremonies. It features a “secret garden” which is sunken by design and thus hidden from the first sight of the passengers. The castle has also a traditional European hall which could be used for spectacular indoor celebrations.

One of the most beautiful wedding venues in Tacoma WA is the Wine & Roses Country Estate. It presents a five acre of land and has everything a wedding couple might need including accommodation and changing room for the bride and the groom. They offer both outdoor and indoor ceremonies and celebrations. The estate is more than 100 years old and carries unique vintage atmosphere. It has been renovated and brought to its full shine by the heirs of the first owners. Inside the house there is a “secret cellar” which is open for the guests to find and to enjoy their cups of wine in private.

The barn is at the couple’s disposal too and it could be used as an authentic backdrop for photographs or for an indoor ceremony and celebration. It’s floor is perfect for dancing. If you prefer an evening outdoor wedding, the estate will offer you a celebration under the stars with soft lights everywhere on the lawn.


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