Everett Wedding Photographer

I love being an Everett Wedding Photographer.

Wedding venues in Everett WA

Everett is known as a relaxing place to live and a dynamic place to work. Its area is full of natural parks and water resources, which make it a perfect place for a wedding in the open. Wedding venues in Everett WA offers the best from both worlds – the urban style and the beauty of nature.

For the wedding day to be remembered it has to be perfect in all of its details. The bride and the groom have to be relieved from the tension of all the organizational stuff and they have to feel comfortable with everything on that special day of their life. There are different styles of wedding as there are different types of people. Some would prefer a more formal celebration with traditional tables, suits, rituals while others would love to improvise and make the wedding follow their own agenda. Some would choose the indoor celebrations with dances and dinner while others could get everything outside, in the open.

The city of Everett with its world-class mixture of landscape and high-class urban life could offer everyone the perfect choice for their wedding day. The wedding venues in Everett WA include everything from luxury hotels in the middle of the city to the cozy chapels and marvelous mansions in secluded places of the area.

A couple could enjoy the classical elegance of the Italian Renaissance in the Hotel Monte Cristo, which is a well-preserved historical building. Its ballroom can host up to 130 guests, has a stained glass, which lets the skylight to come from above, and a Bose/Dennon sound system with speakers integrated in the ceiling. These all will surely make the wedding unforgettable. The hotel also has a spectacular fireplace and hosts continuous art exhibitions, which will be available for all the guests to see.

Another interesting place from the wedding venues in Everett WA is the Abayas’ Ballroom. It is a host of various dancing lessons and courses and is big enough to take up to 195 people attending the wedding. Of similar type is the Savior Hall, which is located on the beautiful Savior campus. It is easily accessible by everyone who comes from Everett or drives from North Seattle. It can host the wedding celebration or even the whole event and ceremony with the proper layout. This means your guests will not have to drive through town or worry where to be between the ceremony and the celebration.
Another type of wedding venues in Everett WA are its famous mansions and open gardens.

The Arbor gardens are located just north of historic downtown Snohomish and utilize one acre of ceremony site. This is a mostly outdoor ceremony facility with plenty of green meadows, trees and all natural environment. The place offers several types of gazebos – a Victorian one, a wrought iron one and a wooden one. After the ceremony, the celebrations could continue in the huge gardens.

The Manor is another famous and in fact, quite a big wedding and events facility. It is located on 13 acres in South Everett. It is well known for its marvelous nature and perfect location. It has indoor ability to host your entire wedding in case of weather changes. Thus it is one of the best places for various and unique outdoor and indoor ceremonies.


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