Softer Portraits With My New Westcott Apollo Softbox

I just got a new Westcott Apollo softbox to use with my Nikon Speedlights. I’ve used other types of light diffusers in the past and I’m am anticipating the Westcott will give me more lighting control than I’ve had in the past.

I wasn’t sure if the Nikon Creative Lighting System optical trigger would work since the flash has to be mounted totally enclosed within the lightbox. No problem, it works very well; doesn’t even have to be direct line of sight to trigger.

Now I know what a lot of photographers will wonder why bother using a Speedlight in the lightbox instead of regular studio strobes. Well I have two good reasons: 1) I already own the Speedlights and 2) I like to use the Nikon CLS. Of course I am somewhat limited on power output of the flash, however using the Nikon SB900 works well. I could also easily mount a second speedlight in the Apollo and double up or just clamp a CFL inside the Apollo and use it as a modeling light. Lots of options.


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