10 things to bring to your Boudoir shoot

Getting ready for your first Boudoir Photography shoot? Think about what your final purpose for the pictures is. Are they for your guy to keep him warm on nights he is away? Are they for yourself to explore your own sexuality? Looking to have a remembrance of that “pre-family” body? Celebrating how fabulous you look at 30..40..50..? Whatever the reason, prepare to have fun!

1. Heels! Black pumps are a basic necessity. The higher the heels, the better. That great pair of “knock me down” shoes that you can’t actually walk in, too. You’re not going to be walking much!

2. Boots! Over the calf, over the knee, high heels. Think sexy, not snow!

3. Black bra and panties. You can bring other colors too, whatever you have that is fun, but they are in addition to BLACK!

4. Special gifts your guy may have given you. Jewelry, scarf, hat. Something that brings him into the picture.

5. One of his button down shirts; cleaned and ironed.

6. Sexy lingerie. You don’t have to buy a bunch of new stuff (but that’s fun too), dig around your closet and see what you’ve forgotten about.

7. A girlfriend to help you when you lose your nerve! Even better, schedule shoots together so you can support each other.

8. Painted toe and finger nails. Yes, they will be seen in the photos!

9. Spray tan, but make sure you do it at least 2 days before your shoot. You don’t want to be orange!

10. Red lipstick. Like candy apple red!


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